June 6

What role does testosterone play?

Testosterone is a hormone found in all mammals. In men, it is acknowledged to be essential in the development of male reproductive tissues, secondary sexual characteristics, the prevention of osteoporosis, and for general good health. However, testosterone levels decline gradually as human beings age. This has led to the increase in usage of testosterone supplementation through pharmaceutical avenues. Several natural products have also been found to be effective such as the tongkat Ali extract. Tongkat Ali is a flowering plant (genus: Eurycoma Species E. longifolia) commonly found in Indonesia and Malaysia, and has been used by locals for increase in sexual desire and performance, as well as to treat erectile dysfunction.


Effects of medically induced testosterone supplementation


One should always check with the physician before consuming hormone-altering drugs in particular. Tongkat has several side effects, including:


  • Restlessness
  • Increased aggression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Weakens immune function by slowing and weakening the response of T-lymphocytes (hence should not be used by people with weakened immune systems)
  • May decrease blood sugar levels (Consult your doctor before consumption if you take insulin)


Men with heart disease, sleepapnea, liver disease, breast or prostrate cancer, kidney disease (especially kidney transplant patients), or diabetes should generally not consume Tongkat. Apart from this, one must always watch out for spurious or adulterated products that claim to contain Tongkat extract.


Testosterone plays several physiological roles in the body such as:


  • Regulates both physical and cognitive energy.
  • Regulates the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis, which being a major part of the neuroendocrine system, regulates the immune system, energy storage and expenditure, digestion, moods/emotions and sexuality.
  • Prevents muscle atrophy.
  • Regulates fight or flight response.
  • Increases lean body mass.
  • Decreases visceral fat mass.
  • Decreased total cholesterol.
  • Glycemic control.’


The last four points indicate the importance of testosterone in maintaining cardiovascular health. In fact it has been found that men with slightly above average testosterone levels are less susceptible to experiencing a heart attack, be obese, or having high blood pressure.


Hormone supplements like tongkat are also used by people looking to build muscle mass or lose weight. Producers of the product claim that the first week of the consumption cycle sees a noticeable increase in sex drive. The second and third weeks bring an increase in strength and increased rates of recovery after training accompanied with a generally heightened sense of well-being. Weeks 4, 5 and 6 include reduction in body fat, greater confidence and gains in lean muscle mass.


There exists preliminary evidence suggesting a correlation between the possibility of Alzheimer’s type’s dementia and low testosterone levels. However studies on the subject imply that excessive testosterone levels have a negative impact on cognition as well.


Risk of adulteration


The United States Drug and Food Administration (USFDA) has caught and banned the selling of several products that claim to use the Tongkat Ali extract as the key ingredient. Instead, these products have been found to contain illegal prescription drugs, some of which have not been through a human trial yet. There are many spurious Tongkat ali impersonators as well in the market. So beware!

June 4

HCG Diet Plan – How to Follow

HCG diet plan for effective and accelerated weight loss

Obesity is one among the common problems faced by most people in present times. There are numerous reasons for gaining weight such as overeating, faulty food habit, lack of proper diet and exercise and much more. There are numerous diet fads, diet supplements, or weight loss program that assures healthy weight loss. It is significant to lose weight much in a healthy way to maintain overall health along with weight loss. One diet plan that is renowned for its amazing weight loss benefits is HCG diet plan. The prescription HCG diet has brought remarkable difference in people’s life combat with obesity. The HCG diet plan is efficiently combined with strict low calorie count diet plan to get the best benefit of weight loss.

Effective HCG diet plan

There are numerous benefits of hcg drops by e4s diets such as it enhances the body metabolism rate, burns abnormal fat, helps to maintain right body weight, boosts energy level and much more. The HCG diet plan is mainly divided into three phases. Only certain kind of food is allowed during every phase. Based on the individual’s health and overall strength and condition, the HCG diet plan will be mapped out. In the initial or the first phase, a person’s diet plan is loaded mainly with the high fat food for about 2 or 3 consecutive days. The second phase is low calorie diet phase wherein a person must consume less than 500 calories a day. In the third phase, diet will continue with less than even 500 calorie food intake per day. The HCG diet plan must be followed strictly to have an effective weight loss results. The HCG drops combined with this low calorie count diet aids in losing one or two pounds per day.

HCG diet plan can accelerate the metabolic rate effectively in the body and can burn the excess fat stored in the body that might count for about 2000 calorie a day. The HCG diet plan must be followed strictly as per the diet instructions. During HCG diet, you must consume only organic vegetables and fruits, no sugar of low starch food, the diet must be followed strictly for about first 21 to 26 days. HCG drops act as an efficient hunger suppressant and aid curb craving. This diet plan also enhances the energy levels for the day to day functioning.

Most people are under wrong assumption that this diet plan is very hard to stich with. The 500 low calorie HCG diet is easy to follow and if followed strictly you are assured to accomplish your weight loss goals easily and quickly. The diet plan aids to remove the excess fat from your body and aid you in maintaining healthy and fit body weight. HCG drops are formed on the basis of natural growth hormone balance in the body that is quite safe to consume and include no major side effects. If you desire to have effective weight loss results, then strictly follow HCG diet plan.